Guidelines Calculation Plain Error

A single Guideline point is plain error.

Section 924(c) Convictions Vacated

Section 924(c) and plain error.

First Step Act Ruling

The First Step Act doesn’t allow plenary resentencing.

Fifth Circuit Affirms CP Pleas

Fifth Circuit affirms factual basis of pleas.

Unpersuasive Formatting

Even a brief’s formatting can be persuasive.

Top Appellate Mistakes that Trial Lawyers Make

Trial lawyers usually aren’t thinking about the record.

Is Writing Longhand Better?

Chief Justice Roberts’s ideas about writing longhand.

Appellate Briefs: Vary the Pace

Legal writing should exhibit movement.

Top Ten Appellate Mistakes: Ignoring Record Preservation

Trial lawyers routinely forget about the record.

Issue-Framing: The Upshot of the Appeal

The importance of issue framing can’t be overstated.