Brief Writing Isn't Easy


I was rummaging through some of my LinkedIn groups and came across Andrew Duhuey's comment about brief writing. It's a kicker. Here's what he says:

Only in recent years have I come to understand the full importance of brevity and simplicity in legal writing. My wife worked as an appellate research attorney for years, and she has explained to me how in close cases, the simple, focused brief has a big advantage over the meandering, convoluted one. That might seem obvious, but it's easy to lose sight of how, once you know your case thoroughly, you can subconsciously assume that the reader is right there with you as you move from one nuance to another. Quite often, you have lost the reader, and he/she is going to turn to your opponent for clarity.

Simplifying an appellate brief while maintaining its full persuasive force is very challenging, but doing it well is what separates the best appellate advocates from the rest of the pack. I don't claim to have perfected this trick, but effective simplification is my goal.

Question is: How do you get this over to your next potential client?