Civil and Criminal Appeals

Our firm maintains a vibrant appellate practice. We've represented clients in both the criminal and civil arenas in Texas state appellate courts and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. We've been privileged to orally argue several cases at the Fifth Circuit, and have had a number of our appeals marked for publication.

Business litigation

We are also courtroom attorneys. Litigation is extremely expensive for small businesses, especially when large law firms are retained by the other side. We relish the opportunity of representing small-business owners and entrepreneurs and facing larger firms in litigation in both Texas state courts and federal courts. 

Counsel on Legal Issues for Creatives

We may be retained to provide legal counsel that creatives face in the marketplace, including drafting or reviewing licenses and agreements, and registration of works with the U.S. Copyright Office. We bill these services at hourly rates so our fees vary depending upon the complexities involved in each matter.

Copyright Infringement Claims

We may be retained for the purpose of recovering damages when your creative work has been infringed. We work on either a contingency basis or based on an hourly fee depending upon our evaluation of the merits of the claim and likely recovery. If you'd like us to review your infringement claim for possible representation, please follow the guidelines we have provided for infringement-claim evaluations.

Peter is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers.

personal injury

Peter practiced personal injury law almost exclusively for ten years. We're not a volume firm that takes on smaller auto accident claims and the life, but, depending upon the case, we will represent those victims of negligence who have suffered severe or permanent injuries.

Notice: Our office only represents clients who have executed a fee agreement with our firm. We do not answer "quick questions" or provide legal advice without a fee agreement in place.