Peter represents those accused of federal crimes at the trial level in the Northern District of Texas.


The first thing that people is about is experience. Peter has handled close to 100 federal cases since the year 2000. He has defended everything from bank robbery to mortgage fraud to employment fraud. He is intimately familiar with federal criminal process, from initial appearance all the way to sentencing. He has extensive knowledge of the Sentencing Guidelines and how they affect a defendant's sentence in the Northern District. You can see a list of cases that Peter has handled on PACER, the government's website.

Examples of Our Work

United States v. Guerrero. Hugo Guerrero was charged with being involved in a conspiracy to distribute a large amount of marijuana and cocaine. His presentence report recommended a prison sentence based on the quantity of drugs involved in the conspiracy. We filed a motion for variance, arguing that the recommended guideline range should be ignored because it didn't adequately consider his minimal role in the offense. Our client was sentenced to the statutory minimum, a material downward departure from the presentence report's original calculation.

United States v. Atchley. Our client was charged with the distribution of ecstasy. At sentencing, the government argued for a sentence of 20 years. We contested the government's evidence and filed a motion for variance. The court granted our motion and sentenced our client to just 6 years.


Here are a few testimonials from actual clients:

I wanted to thank you again for your help. After talking with other people and hearing some horror stories of people getting hammered with time, I'm thankful I had someone who fought for me. —J.A.

First of all, I would like to thank you once again for everything you did for me! I hope you and your family are doing well. I will always remember that day in court and what you told me about your son not understanding why you do what you do. I'm sure when you tell him about letters like these that are filled with appreciation and thanks he'll understand that your not helping out the bad guy . . . But the guy who made a bad choice! —H.G.

I also received the brief. Thank you for sending it to [my mother]. She commented on the neatness and was also very pleased with the research. . . And having said all that, I just want to thank you for believing in me! —D.V.

Federal Appeals

Federal cases out of the Northern District are appealed to the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans. Peter has extensive experience there, too. He has represented a number of clients on appeal to the Fifth Circuit and has participated in oral argument on more than five occasions. You can read his appellate briefs on the Fifth Circuit's PACER website and on the appeals page.

A 21st Century Practice

The firm used to maintain offices in downtown Dallas. Recently, Peter decided that both he and his clients would benefit from a virtual office. This is what he's said about it:

I used to have an office downtown in the West End with underground parking, a reception area, and conference room. Even though I shared the space with a couple other lawyers, the overhead was expensive. Every month I was writing checks to landlords and parking lot owners and telephone providers that didn't really contribute to my practice at all. I'd have solid months where I didn't meet a client in those offices. My clients were either incarcerated or I agreed to see them at their homes.

After talking to an older, big-firm lawyer who had chucked his downtown office and moved his practice home, I decided that I could probably be more effective and less expensive if I ran a virtual office. It's been close to three years and I'm happy I made the move. My practice consists of an iMac, an iPad, and an iPhone and I've never been more effective for my clients. Technology has allowed me to have the perfect practice.