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Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Smythe PC represents federal appellate clients nationwide. Our firm focuses in appellate litigation in both the civil and criminal arenas. Whether you’ve suffered a civil judgment, been convicted of a federal crime, or find yourself subject to a forfeiture order, we will bring our extensive experience and professionalism to bear on your case and work to provide you the best possible outcome. 

Peter Smythe has been practicing for over two decades and started during the technology boom of the early 90s. He is on the pulse of the cross-section of modern technology and the law, and has monitored that evolution to give you exceptional legal advice for your particular case. 

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Areas of Practice

Federal criminal Appeals

Federal criminal litigation is some of the most demanding litigation in the United States. The Government is usually represented by its top attorneys, and they have all the power of the State behind them. We zealously work to protect our clients' constitutional and statutory rights at all stages of the appellate process. 

White-Collar defense

Congress has increasingly criminalized actions and omissions in the world of business. Back in the day, clients would seek trial attorneys who possessed otherworldly persuasive skills with juries. These days things are different. Today's white-collar defense lawyer must be more in tune with the law's application to technology than he is with his inner orator. 

Federal Civil Appeals

Few attorneys are familiar with the complexities of federal appellate practice. Peter has extensive experience with federal appeals and oral argument. You want an attorney with his kind of experience in your corner when you are fighting the uphill battle of a district-court judgment. 

Texas civil Appeals

State civil litigation makes up the bulk of cases throughout the State of Texas. If you've had a trial-court judgment issued against you, you might want to retain a different set of eyes to view your prospects on appeal. Very often trial lawyers don't make the best appellate lawyers, and vice versa. 

Texas Criminal Appeals

We regularly handle criminal-law appeals because the decisions in those cases usually precede the law's development in the civil arena. State criminal law also delves into questions of constitutionality and statutory construction. 

Legal Writing

We occasionally joint venture with other attorneys who are facing complex motion issues or motions for summary judgment. If you are a solo practitioner or a small-firm lawyer who could use some research or writing assistance, contact us. We might be able to help.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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