Local Counsel–Northern District of Texas

The local rules of the Northern District of Texas require out-of-state counsel to retain local counsel for cases pending in the Northern District unless the presiding judge allows out-of-state counsel to proceed on their own. Local counsel must be authorized to present and argue a party's position at any hearing called by the presiding judge on short notice. We're able to serve as local counsel in both Dallas and Fort Worth; we maintain an active docket in both divisions.

Federal Court Litigation Practice

The local counsel services we provide include substantive pre-trial motion and briefing, including removal petitions, motions to remand, motions to dismiss, and motions to transfer venue. We are also available for trials and post-trial hearings. 

Types of Assistance

We provide three district ways in assisting out-of-town counsel:

  • We can joint venture the case with you. We often assist lead counsel with motions, hearings, and trials. Peter has first-chaired several trials in federal court and has argued appeals in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • We can handle the case outright. If you believe that the client would be better served in our complete handling of the case, we can discuss you handing it off to our firm.
  • We can offer our advice and assistance while remaining in the background of the case.